The Bridge

Aatam Paatam Kondatam
(An occasion to unearth hidden talents)

'Aatam Paatam Kondatam' is an event organised for the entertainment of the beneficiaries (includes young, old, mentally & physically challenged) of various welfare organisations operating in and around Chennai. The event has been successfully organised by THE BRIDGE in association with NALMANAM and THE BANYAN volunteers for the past two years.

The aim of this event is not to raise funds but to provide entertainment to the beneficiaries of NGOs, who can meet on a common platform, have fun and celebrate life with other members. The audience for this event were mainly the beneficiaries of the various welfare organizations and a few others who are active in these circles. They don't usually get opportunities that other members of society enjoy especially when it comes to entertainment. We hope to fill this lacuna in their lives by organizing this programme which will also give them an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with others.

Reg. office : 9-A, 12th Cross Street, Shastri Nagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600020, India.
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